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 Hit trax 1

Batting:  Exit Ball Velocity;  Distance of Hit Launch Angle/
Elevation,  Batting Average,  Hard Hit Average, % of Line Drives
to Fly Balls & Ground Balls, SLG and OPS Spray Charts,  Strike Zone Analysis, Performance Trends and more.

 Hit Trax 3
Pitching: TRUE Pitch Velocity at home plate, Late Break Measurement,
 Pitch Location, % Strikes, % of Line Drives/

Fly Balls/Ground Balls,  Spray Charts,  Batting Average Against,
Analysis by Pitch Type,  Strike Zone Analysis,  Performance Trends

hit trax 4

·         Benefits Include:

Real-Time Statistics with Visual Feedback                                                      

·         In-Depth Reporting Module for Hitters & Pitchers
Remote Access to Statistics via our Virtual Dugout                                         

·         Website Player Rankings (Local and National)
Adaptable to All Skill Levels: Little League to Professional                            

·         Home Run Derby Contests
Operates off of live pitching, machines, soft toss, and batting tee                   

·                            100 MPH+ measurements Accuracy to +/- 1 MPH


                  ROCKS ACCROSS THE POND

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