This video lesson is unbelievable. You are really on to something. Thanks for all of your help!!! I keep seeing JT looking at these lessons. He said you had texted them to him. It amazes me that you can send this to people as a text. This really is powerful, how in-depth and immediate you can give feedback, yet it doesn’t go away. It is one thing to tell someone something, but they soon forget it. But if they can keep going back to the feedback, and see it again, and hear it again,…wow.

Mark Wauford

I have trusted Bob Smith's judgement in evaluating, working with and recommending players when I was an assistant coach at James Madison University.  And  now I sending players to Bob for the Summer from The University of Iowa to get the same training and continued development through-out the summer playing for the Petersburg Generals of the Coastal Plains Collegiate Summer league. 

Ryan Brownlee
Assistant Baseball Coach

Coach because of your mentoring I have chosen baseball to be part of my life after college and professional baseball. I am now a full time assistant baseball coach at North Carolina Charlotte University.

Kris Rochelle
Assistant Baseball Coach
UNC Charlotte

Coach Smith you have been a true mentor to me throughout the years from 14 to 18 years my skills were developed and refined to give me the opportunity to play college and professional baseball.

Graham Stoneburner
Trenton Thunder AA 2011

Coach Smith I will never forget the day I walked into your academy and you saw me fielding and you said “you’re a shortstop” and I said no I play right field! And you said No! You’re a Shortstop and 4 weeks later I had a scholarship to JMU as a shortstop and have continued my success in professional baseball.

Davis Stoneburner
Frisco Texas League AA 2011

Bob has put a super video library together for anyone who is interested in more baseball information. His ability to bring baseball to life on the internet puts every position just one click away from the information you need.

Ron Polk
Former Head Coach and College Hall of Fame Coach
Mississippi State University

Bob what great tools available for all baseball players around the country. Thanks for stopping buy and taping our hitters and their time to contact! It was an eye opener for them and I now see them working harder to shorten their strokes every day.

Ryan Wheeler
Head Coach Temple University

Bob is one of the most innovative coaches in the country and it is no surprise that he has come up with a way on the internet to help young players get better from their own computers with up to date drills and instruction.

Keith Madison
Former Head Coach University of Kentucky
Score International National Baseball Director

Coach Smith I count my blessings that you came back to college and coached me my final two years at George Washington University. In a year and a half I have been able to move from Single A ball to Double A with the Washington Nationals and have been invited to instructional ball for the winter. Thanks for everything.

Pat Lehman
Former player George Washington University
Pitcher Washington Nationals AA

Coach Smith Thank you for teaching Brian the game of baseball! Even though he never played High School baseball he became the teams’ manager and enjoyed every moment being with the guys. The training you gave Brian during the little league years allowed him to build his self-esteem and be accepted by his team mates.

Madelyn Witty

After playing Showcase baseball for Coach Smith my senior year in high school I knew I wanted to be associated with baseball my whole life. The ability to watch Coach teach players makes so much sense and the improvements were immediate. 10 years later I was Coach Smith’s partner and now an owner of the Richmond Baseball Academy.

Chris Gerrity
Owner RBA West

Coach Smith seeing my abilities pushed me harder than the other guys. He saw more in me and knew I had more to give. Thanks for being my mentor and making my dream come true.

Matt Moses
Minnesota Twins
2002 1st Round Pick