Dave Sartain
Dave Sartain

1989-91  VCU pitcher /outfielder

1990-  Cape Cod Summer League

1991- 18th selection Minnesota Twins

1991- Application league All-star Team

1991- Topps Left hand Rookie of the Year

1992- Kenosha Twins ( Mid West League) No Hitter

1993- Fort Wayne Wizards

1994- High Desert Mavericks

1995- Retired

1995-1999- Lee Davis High School Pitching/Outfield Coach

1996- VCU Graduate in Environmental Science

1997-State Championship Lee Davis

1999-Retired from coaching


I have lived in New Kent county VA for the last 11 years with my wife Samantha and daughter Ivy. I enjoy hunting and fishing and have recently added a German Short Hair Pointer to family. I have coached numerous kids in Hanover and New Kent over years and am excited to be back. Every spring I get the itch to coach again and this year Bob Smith has offered me the opportunity to get back on the field.