Mission Statement RBA 360

Our goal at RBA360 is to educate Richmond's youth to the game of baseball. It's more than just throwing, catching and hitting the baseball. There are proper footwork's, arm actions, base running, mental and physical swing development and decision making. All of these things are evaluated by our professional staff, 17 year RBA founder Bob Smith, Former 1st round pick Matt Moses and 5 time state champion Robin Rochelle stand ready to put you child on the right path to success.  High speed film and lesson review is sent to your own personal locker where you can retreve and review your lesson anytime day or night. baseball has turned the corner from a "pat on the back" to "real information and and a system to success". By putting your child in our hands you will be relieved of un-needed stress and you will be giving your child the advantage, allow your child to enjoy the game of baseball as it should be.